Do you ever take the time to celebrate your sucesses, even the little ones?  God commanded Israel to observe certain celebrations and commemerate how far they’d come and Who it was that saw them thru. Or He commanded that an altar be built when they reached a certain place so that they would remember where they were and where they are now.  We can, too.  One of the hymns I love (Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing), has a verse that goes like this: Here I raise my Ebenezer, hither by Thy help I’ve come…” An Ebenezer is a stone that the Israelites placed as a reminder of how far God had brought them. Start placing your own Ebenezers. You place them so that you may look back and KNOW God has moved you, you HAVE grown, you ARE farther along than you were. You have markers that shout praise to God because who you are now is not who you used to be.

Look how far the grace of God has brought you. 



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  1. For this one it made me thinkof the scrapbooking that I do. I want to memorialize these areas since this would fit into my personality.

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