The Painting and the Artist

The Painting and the Artist

(Jennifer Hershberger, November 17, 2007)



When you look at a painting,

What is your thought:

Of how this painting

Itself begot?

Of how it drew its own shape and line

And chose the hues

With skill refined?

Of how it blended the colors it made

With such an eye,

And hand so stayed?

How it conceived

Of itself so fair,

That you and I would stop and stare?


But no.

A painting directs observers’ acclaim

To the One who built the wooden frame

And stretched the canvass,

 Firm and taut,

And primed it to receive His thought;

Who took up brush and paint with skill,

And painted from His heart and will

A work that shows His trained perfection,

And bears of the artist

A small reflection.


And so it is with God and man,

For you were formed

By the Master’s hand.

When those around look at you,

They will say, “Who is the Artist? 

Look what He can do!”



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