The In-Between Time

Rewarded for in-between? Could God care about that? When we are not producing, not accomplishing, and life is changing…. I’m not satisfied when I’m in a place like this. But God has a purpose for it.

The circumstances that bring us to the in-between time may vary, but the walk is similar for all of us. I was writing to a friend who is experiencing depression because both of her kids are now up and out, and she’s facing the reality that they won’t be living at home again. Her parents are aging and she is finding herself at one of those in-between times. What do you do to fill the space? What do you do with the uncomfortable feelings? The time that is not filled for you?

God will fill it in His time. Unfortunately, part of that filling is living with the uncomfortable in-between time. It can really be painful, but know that you will not be in it forever. And what you have when you come out the other side you would not trade. It is one of those priceless treasures bought only thru sacrifice. The currency is sometimes loneliness, sometimes tears. It is the lonesome valley that you walk with none but your Lord and your own heart. He tells you things in the lonesome valley that you cannot hear or understand at any other time. If you kick and scream the whole way thru it, you will miss the treasure and you will come out empty. If you are quiet and keep your eyes focused on His face and listen to His Word, He will fill you up and place the treasure in your hands.

The in-between time is not a choice. What we do when we are in it is.


2 Responses

  1. Jenn,

    What joy I read. What hope and great reminders to all of us.

    May the Lord bless this ministry you have discovered.

    Go Forth in Joy!

  2. Wonderful thoughts, Jenn. I know about in-between times. First while in Iowa, and I submitted to the mighty hand of God until He raised me up. Second when you mom died and I wanted and morned until God again raised me up. You’re absolutely right: the in-between time is not a choice, what we do midst of them is.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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