Makes me want to cry…
August 20, 2011

I think the worst part about having a disorder like trichotillomania is watching it get passed on to my kids. My daughter is 11, and the hormones have begun to surge. Unfortunately, so has the hair-pulling.

I could just cry. I know the road she’s about to travel on. The one that mars your outward beauty and then destroys your self-esteem. The one that makes you want to hide from everything and everyone. The one that closes up your heart and whispers in your ear that you are ugly, you are shameful, you are a disgrace.

Oh Lord, help us to parent her through this by Your wisdom and grace! Help us to help her recognize these lies of the enemy and find her worth in You. Help us to love her in the way she needs us to love her. And please, Lord, PLEASE… don’t allow the echos from my struggle to magnify hers.