“Unbusheling” my light

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”  Until recently I thought this reference to light meant the light of Christ in our lives.  I thought it meant sharing Christ with others… that the light was Jesus or the gospel and it was my duty to go forth and shine.


Jesus is the LIght of the World, and we are privilaged to bring Him to those in darkness.  But my attention is drawn to the word your in this verse.  Your light.  It could have said “Let His light so shine before men…,” but it doesn’t.  It says your.   Your light; my light.  They are as different as we are different.  But they are lights all the same, and they all point back to the same Source. 

These lights are the gifts and talents that God has lavished on us, His children.  They are the abilities we have and the things we enjoy doing the most… the things we are good at and are passionate about.  The second verse of “This Little Light of Mine” says:  Hide it under a bushel?  NO!  I’m gonna let it shine.  I have spent most of my life hiding my light under a bushel and talking myself out of the things I love and have a natural talent for.  Who needs another artist?  What could I possibly do that has not been done already?  I’m not as good as [fill in the blank], so I’ll never make it.  *snuff* 

Recently I took a job as a sculptor/artist/office help for a custom wedding cake top company.  No, this is not a ministry per se.  I’ve never had a job where I’ve felt to at home.  I love going in, I love the challenge of the details, I love working with my hands.  I’ve spent so long bemoaning the “jack of all trades, master of none” type that I am… but here, my light was exactly what was needed.  Devine aha moment:  The way I am is not a mistake or a waste of time and talent.  God had something in mind… and has more planned.  Now I have a steady part time job that fits in with the family’s schedule, and I have the courage to branch out on my own a little more.  Since then, I’ve picked up 3 commissioned portraits with hopes to eventually have more steady work in this area.  And always I pray that when someone sees my work, they will be reminded of the Lord. 

I took off the cover and Unbusheled my light.  My light, my unique gifting… that points back to Jesus, the artist who designed me.


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  1. I just reread this post. BEAUTIFUL. I need the reminder every now and then that I am not a mistake. God made me the way I am and I need to use my gifts to shine for God.

    Way to go girl.

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